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Crawfordsville, IN -- Raybestos Powertrain has announced the release of its new GPX Friction Plate for Honda transmissions. The "Global Performance Extra" is superior to any other friction plate for Honda.

"The shifting performance of this new Raybestos GPX Friction Plate matches Honda perfectly," said Raybestos V. P. Sales & Marketing Al Avila. "The GPX is engineered and qualified to outperform any other OE replacement friction plate. We've combined a high-energy friction material and a unique groove pattern to achieve smoother shifts, greater durability and more value for our customers."

The GPX Friction Plate's durability results from a world class friction material and superior groove design that withstands the heat of longer engagements needed to ensure smooth shifts. The product has been dynamometer and field-tested to meet or exceed OE standards.

Available for a variety of Honda transmissions, the GPX Friction Plate is manufactured to the highest tolerances to ensure proper fit.

"This product is made in the U.S.A. with Raybestos quality, dependability and performance," Avila said. "Rebuilders will find the GPX to be a superior OE replacement without the OE cost."

For more information about the GPX Friction Plate for Honda CLICK HERE!

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