NEW Product Announcement
From Superior Transmission Parts, Inc.

The STL-175-6 TransLab Valve Body Upgrade Kit corrects or prevents the following problems:

  • 2-3 Flair
  • 4-2 Kick-down Runaway
  • Slide 1-2
  • Delayed/Soft/Slow N-D Engage
  • Part Throttle 3-2 Bang
  • Delay Reverse
  • Coast 3-2 Clunk
  • Mushy 2-3
  • Superior Part # STL-175-6
    TransLab Engineered from Superior for the 6 solenoid KM'S.

    TransLab Engineered products from Superior Transmission Parts Inc. is proud to reintroduce the upgrades and fixes that Part # STL-175-6 addresses. This kit works on all KM's, A4AF3 and A4BF2 units that have 6 solenoids. Problems this kit addresses are 2-3 flair, mushy 2-3, 4-2 kick-down, part throttle 3-2 bang, slide 1-2, delayed reverse, coast 3-2 clunk and delayed/soft/slow N-D engagement. This kit provides Detailed installation instructions and Technical Information as well as improved cooler flow, better lube, shorter shifts, and extended clutch & band life. With improved shifts and extended transmission life this kit is a must have. All TransLab Engineered products are American made and ready for delivery at a distributor near you. Learn more at